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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Zune, the IPod killer?

From Cnet:
Microsoft took the wraps off its Zune media player on Thursday, though what's underneath is largely what enthusiasts had come to expect.

The device will come in three colors and be capable, via its built-in Wi-Fi, of sharing full-length songs with other nearby Zune devices, the software giant said. As had been revealed through regulatory filings, it includes a 30GB hard drive as well as a 3-inch screen. The Zune will come in black, brown and white, the company said Thursday, but it declined to reveal any pricing information.

Microsoft hopes the Zune will challenge Apple Computer's iPod and the software company has equipped its device with at least one feature not found in the iPod: Zune users can transmit full-length tracks of select songs, homemade recordings or photos to other Zune players.

The songs passed can be heard up to three times over three days. Should a user like a song a friend has shared, the song can be flagged and later can be purchased from the Zune Marketplace.


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