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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SMC's WiFi Skype Phone

From Tomshardware:
So that leaves home-based users, high-schoolers and the college crowd. This group is going to think twice before plunking down $200 for what amounts to a cordless phone with short battery life, works only when the kids aren't sucking up all the Internet bandwidth with BitTorrent and depends on having clear 802.11b/g spectrum that gets harder to find every day.

No, I think a successful computer-less Skype device will have to do both voice and text and probably look more like a Danger Hiptop / T-Mobile Sidekick, or even an Ogo, but with voice added. But with no associated service plan to sell to keep the hardware price low, such a device would probably cost closer to $400, which pretty much kills that idea.

It's too bad, because the concept of a Skype Wi-Fi phone is so compelling. But like so many things in life, the realization—at least at this point—just doesn't match up to the anticipation.


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