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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Digital Camera that makes you thinner

Hewlett-Packard's Design Gallery software offers a "Slimming Mode" that makes the object in the center of the photo appear longer and leaner. Credit: Hewlett-Packard

From Cnet:
Want to look thinner? Taller? Tanner? Don't worry, there's a camera for all that.

Today's cameras will let you do more than adjust the flash; they'll let you adjust reality. Photo-adjusting features that once required a PC and special know-how are now allowing consumers to alter a photo as soon as it's snapped.

Some new Hewlett-Packard cameras include a feature that makes subjects look thinner, while another mode makes facial lines and pores virtually disappear. A "skin tone" feature on some Olympus models can give consumers a leisure-class tan. Other manufacturers offer modes to make the colors of the world richer as you capture them. Using these new in-camera tools, consumers can even crop out ex-boyfriends, or put a virtual frame around a new one.

What's new:

Some cameras now come with features that make subjects look thinner or decrease the look of facial lines, while other in-camera tools can make landscapes richer.

Bottom line:

The changes in photography may make consumers more comfortable with the way they appear in pictures, but some critics say they could also undermine people's ability to believe in photographs' integrity.


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