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Friday, September 08, 2006

Amazon opens the Unbox video store

From Arstechnica:
Amazon has taken the wraps off of Unbox, its new video store. As we previously reported, Unbox will sell both TV shows and movies, and the site will also offer a selection of video rentals. Prices are all over that map, but that was the point: Amazon wanted to let the content owners set their own prices, and for now that approach looks to have satiated more studios than Apple's more rigid model. To give you a feel for the pricing on Unbox, we found The Matrix available for $9.88, but movies can be found priced far south and north of this price point. Swordfish, for instance, is $7.36, while Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of Thorn Mansion is $13.99. The Jennifer Aniston flick Rumor Has It weighs in at $19.62. Rental titles are available from $3.99 (and must be watched within 30 days of download, and within 24 hours of playtime starting). TV shows are priced at $1.99, as they are at Apple's iTMS.

Amazon's store does not offer "download-to-burn" functionality, so at this time there's no easy way to get these movies on your TV via a DVD player. This must-have feature is still lingering on the horizon, with recent attempts coming up more sizzle than steak. Will Apple deliver next Tuesday? We'll see.


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