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Monday, June 12, 2006

Why MTV's Urge sucks

David Berlind of Cnet has excellent opinions on Digital Rights Management (DRM) or what he likes to call Content Restriction Annulment and Protection (CRAP). He takes a look at the latest music downloading service from MTV called Urge:

"So, let's say your iRiver H320 and your Oakley Thumprs (both Microsoft DRM-compliant) are your current authorized devices but you're taking a road trip in a car that has a Microsoft DRM-compliant in-dash playback device and you want to transfer the content for the trip. So, first you have to de-authorize one of the two authorized devices (make sure you call Jasmine so she can call MTV for you). Then, you authorize your car's playback device. Then, you have to wait 30 days (well after your road trip is over) to move the content back into which ever of the other two devices you de-authorized?"


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