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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Transformer movie and new Camaros, yippee!

Way of Jalopnik:
Wow, we were totally so thinking about this one today — wondering when our greasy little fan-boy hands were gonna be able to find leaked spy pics from the set of the live-action Transformers movie. Thanks to a friendly neighborhood fan-site, our comic-book wet dreams have been granted — they’ve got the first pics from the set — and they are epic. First we have a Saleen Mustang dressed up with a Decepticon insignia. Despite some problems we may have with that — because everyone knows Decepticons weren’t cars — only Autobots were cars — it’s still farking sweet. Second — we’ve got a Saleen Camaro — and yes, it’s a Saleen version of the Camaro concept. So that can only mean one thing — if GM’s dropping the money on having this and not the Corvette included in the movie — the General’s more than likely gonna be rolling this one out like Autobots rolling out with Prime.


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