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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Net Neutrality: Part VIII

From ArsTecnica:

"Should the 'Net be neutral? There's more than two positions in this debate, but the core issue is quite binary indeed: should 'Net neutrality be a regulatory issue? That is, should the FCC be given the authority to regulate principles of 'Net neutrality, or should they stay out of it? Former White House spokesman-cum-Telecom lobbyist Mike McCurry and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark recently squared off on this issue for the Wall Street Journal."

"For the telecommunications companies, one thing is absolutely clear: it doesn't help when their CEOs start talking about how X company (commonly Google, but increasingly Skype and others) is profiting from using their infrastructure, as they have done from time to time. When the discussion becomes one of who gets to get rich off of Joe Consumer's 'Net usage, you can expect Joe and his pals to think about how such a battle could ultimately affect his monthly bills. And Joe doesn't necessarily think he's getting a great deal from his ISP to begin with. Oh, and Joe tells me his throughput stinks already."


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