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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

AMD's New Socket AM2 CPU

From [H] Enthusiast:

"Today AMD is announcing its socket AM2 processors. AMD will be officially launching these parts on June 1, 2006 although we expect to see them turning up for sale before then."

"A fair expectation for performance gain from 939-pin to AM2 is about 1% or more across various application-based benchmarks. That assumes equal model numbers for processors and an equal configuration. This also assumes premium memory is used for each configuration. This is a rough estimate, and of course FX-62 and 5000+ come with additional frequency that will improve performance beyond that platform benefit."

The Bottom Line

"AMD is doing the right thing with their move to DDR2 and AM2. If you are the kind of person that buys a full built system, really at this time, don’t be worried if you have DDR or DDR2. You will likely never know the difference and adding more DDR memory will not be an issue for a while to come. If you are building a system now, I would suggest you go ahead and make the move to DDR2, unless of course you possibly just invested in a 2GB of quality DDR. If you are the guy that is building a base system but is constantly upgrading, you will hate yourself later if you don’t move to DDR2 now as we are likely to see some great overclocking out of it this year.

I would keep in mind that AMD has not let all their cats out of the bag just quite yet. I would expect to see at least one more hardcore enthusiast trick up their sleeve before year’s end. Then again, you have Intel’s Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors on their way as well and things are looking very good for Intel from a performance and power perspective.

I personally am going to wait it out a bit with my 4800+ and 2GB of DDR-400. I will build another system this year but I am not sure whether it will be Blue or Green. I do know for sure that if I am building an AMD system here next month, I would very much embrace AMD and DDR2 and move forward with their AM2 processor inside.

And I almost forgot. Big kudos to AMD for getting so many of their core voltages down. These new energy efficient processors are likely going to kick ass for those enthusiasts out there that are always looking for higher clocks or smaller enclosures."


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