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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Conventional Hard Drive Obsoletism? Samsung's 32 GB Flash Drive Previewed

From TomsHardware:

Still Samsung's latest SSD drive offering creates large potential for a "platform shift", representing marked benefits for the mobile enthusiasts and space conservatives among us. Keep your eye out for the integration of these Flash drives and consider their advantages when making your next upgrade decision.

As a stand-alone purchase it would wise to utilize the fast file access as a location for your operating system and swap files, and distribute file/system access between existing drives. Integrated features of the drive also let users easily take advantage of Vista's new ReadyBoost/Superfetch features. The power consumption and physical sturdiness of the unit indicate strong inclinations toward mobile use and should allow for the manufacture of products with longer battery life, increased durability and reduced weight as well as decreasing boot times. Non-volatile, large capacity Flash based SSD is a fantastic idea whose time has almost come.


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