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Sunday, August 13, 2006

HD DVD and Blu-ray are both losers

Based on a new media research report that says neither the HD DVD nor its Blu-ray contender will deliver a "knock out" punch in the digital video ring, consumers may well think twice before upgrading their home theater system.

The report notes that the success of DVD was based on the fact that it offered better quality and greater convenience than the VHS format it replaced. This time, though, both standards support similar features, and the differences are likely to confuse the average consumer.

For example, while the two formats look similar, a Blu-ray disc cannot be played on an HD DVD player and vice versa. And, Blu-ray discs hold up to 50 GB of content compared with HD DVD's 30 GB, Screen Digest notes.

What's not confusing is the price: each player is listing for as much as $1,500.


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