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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ford to Build Shelby GT-H for Retail Sale

Automotive News reports Ford will sell a version of the Shelby GT-H Mustang Rent-a-Racer at dealerships, confirming a longstanding rumor that's been exchanged among sauced journos since the rental was unveiled at the New York auto show last April. According to the paper, FoMoCo prez Mark Fields will outline the plan at this week's automotive management seminars in Traverse City, where GM's Rick Wagoner will announce the coming Camaro. The 325-hp horse will be a 2007 model, dubbed Shelby GT, available in white or black with silver stripes -- unlike the gold-on-black livery of the Hertz cars -- and will be finished at Carroll Shelby's Las Vegas shop, with volume in the few-thousand range, according to a source from Ford. The new model will be the subject of the next installment of Ford's "Bold Moves" documentary -- playing itself, natch. Ford execs also told dealers the company was building production versions of its Fairlane and Lincoln MKS concepts in 2008.


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