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Saturday, August 05, 2006

'Angry Buick' is Not Necessarily an Oxymoron

"You’re looking at 708 streetable horsepower of twin-turbo, all-aluminum, 265ci, Buick V-6. Newly available blocks and heads from TA Performance and Ken Duttweiler’s turbo and EFI tuning magic make the Buick viable again—if you have the bucks. The intercoolers are top-mounted in this example to fit the sand-buggy package this build was going in.""This motor’s broad, flat torque curve should make any hot rodder one of turbocharging’s greatest boosters. But there’s always room for improvement: The dip in the torque curve is indicative of a restriction or loss of turbo efficiency. Improved turbos are on the way to bust through the 800hp door."


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