The fastest RC cars in the world

Friday, August 04, 2006

Worlds Fastest R/C car: 160 mph

*UPDATE* 10-8-08 Nic Case set the record for Worlds Fastest R/C car 161.76 mph-Video here

Nic Case's 160+ Custom Works dirt oval car.
Nic's first car, a 134mph electrified Nitro TC3.

Video of 134.4 mph run.

From Pete V. of R/C CarAction:

"World's Fastest RC Car Challenge: Nic Case wins with 160mph run.

Nic showed up with two cars, a LiPo/brushless converted Nitro TC3 that went over 130mph, and a Custom Works 2WD dirt-oval car (also LiPo/BL) that made a run at 160mph, but not without controversy:

The controversy comes from the huge jump in speed. Nic's previous best was a 134.4 with his 4WD car. When he rolled out with his 2WD car, I didn't even know it was a different car (all I saw was a neon orange blur!). When the radar showed a clean 160mph pass, I thought, "no way he found an extra 25mph that easily." But it was, in fact, a whole new car that was a pound lighter than the 4WD car (and may have had more cells as well, I'm still writing the story). I wanted another run to confirm the car was capable of that kind of speed, but the car was broken beyond repair within the remaining time of the event.

Given the aerodynamic forces at play and the power required to go from 134mph to 160mph (the power requirement goes up exponentially, not in direct proportion to speed), I'm afraid that if there is an error we may have a record that will be unapproachable even by the guy who set it! And so, the OFFICIAL record will be set at 134.4. Full credit will be given for the UNofficial record of 160, and we'll tell the whole story in RC Car Action. Next year, we'll use a speed trap to eliminate any chance of radar error."


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