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Monday, July 03, 2006

Inrix: Real time traffic.

This Seattle traffic map illustrates a sample SmartPhone user interface, highlighting currently congested road segments in red and smooth flowing traffic in green.

The red clocks (left) indicate the most likely duration of currently jammed segments of the highway, in this case indicating a maximum likelihood of 30 and 10 minutes respectively until clear.

The green clocks (right) display the time until the adjacent road segment will most likely become jammed. This clock indicates that a segment of traffic will likely become jammed in about 50 minutes.

"The Inrix Dust Network represents a traffic technology breakthrough that dramatically improves the accuracy, quality and coverage of traffic information. Inrix acquires real-time and historical sensor data from hundreds of public and private sources including anonymous, real-time GPS probe data from more than 500,000 commercial fleet, delivery and taxi vehicles; toll tag data; and occupancy and speed measurements from Department of Transportation sensor networks. Additionally, the Inrix Dust Network aggregates real-time incidents and hundreds of market-specific criteria that affect traffic – such as construction and road closures, sporting and entertainment events, school schedules and weather forecasts."


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