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Friday, July 21, 2006

External Graphics Cards?

From Tomshardware:

"High-end graphics cards can already pull down almost 150 W without blinking. Expect even higher power requirements to come, as neither ATI nor Nvidia have yet divulged any plans to move to a smaller manufacturing process with their DirectX10 parts."

"Another consideration is the fact that graphics cards are sporting larger memory densities to support higher capacities. Even with the advent of GDDR4 and its smaller production process, these new devices mean - you guessed it - that the next generations of cards might consume even more power."

"Rumors have it that the R600, the next ATI graphics core, will consume even more power. We are certain that Nvidia's will as well, since the company must add an additional set of shader processors and organizational units for Direct3D 10. It is no wonder we have heard rumors of external graphics solutions with their own power supplies. The devices would plug into a PCI Express slot that links a card (or up to 32 of them) into the interface."


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