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Monday, May 08, 2006

Electric X1 beats Ferrari and Porche GT

Wrightspeed is an early stage Silicon Valley based startup using ‘ultra clean technology’ to produce highly energy efficient performance cars.
Wrightspeed has constructed a proof-of-concept prototype, the X1, which has demonstrated 0-60mph in ~ 3 seconds, and an energy consumption equivalent to 170mpg. The X1 prototype proves that extreme performance vehicles can also be extremely efficient – if they use advanced technology drivetrains.


• 0-60 ~ 3.0 seconds
• Standing quarter mile ~11.5 seconds
• Top speed 112mph (electronically limited)
• Range >100 miles in urban use
• Charger: onboard conductive. Input 100-250V 50 or 60 Hz. Current: user adjustable up to 80A
• Energy consumption 200 WHr/mile in urban use, equivalent to 170 mpg (33,705 WHr/gallon)


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